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Tubro Construction is a Puget Sound area full service construction company specializing in complete end-to-end solutions for REO, new construction and remodels.  Since its inception Tubro Construction has focused on safety, quality, on-time scheduling and budget controls. We understand that each of these areas must be planned and managed on a continuous basis throughout the project. We also limit sub-contracting so that we maintain control of the project schedule.


Tubro Construction strives to maintain a safe, well-trained and productive workforce where employees are valued and are seen as an integral part of our business success. We take the initiative to hire the best and take care of them. Most of our employees have been with us for over 3–5 years or more.


Tubro Construction firmly believes in a cooperative method of working with owners and agents.  Over time, we have found that it is best to establish the goals of the project from the Owner’s perspective and create a work plan that complements those goals. This type of partnership makes every project successful and assures high levels of satisfaction for both parties involved.


Community relations are an important part of Tubro Construction’s work plan. No matter where the project is located, Tubro Construction strives to be a good neighbor by keeping the jobsite clean, orderly and safe.


Tubro Construction has a verifiable track record for safe, quality, on time and budget controlled projects. This has resulted in a large pool of satisfied clients and advocates for Tubro Construction.